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Zero Turn Mower Aerators

3594859_sAn aerator for your zero turn mower can become an invaluable tool when looking to deal with soil compaction problems. Moss and thatch on the surface of the soil prevents water, air and sunlight from reaching the grass and its roots. Aerating involves blades penetrating the surface of the soil, leaving "slits" in the surface of the soil. This allows air and water to penetrate into the roots of the grass. These nutrients will improve the lawn meaning it will be a lot more durable as well as look great.

For a long time zero turn mower users have been forced to turn to aerators designed for other vehicles such as ATVs and lawn tractors. In recent years a number of manufacturers have begun to produce aerators that suit the specific requirements of ZTR mowers. The foremost problem had long been having to take huge wide turns to avoid damaging the hitch by turning too sharply (which is of course the whole point of a zero turning radius mower).

Walker Mowers produce the Perfaerator which is a 47" wide aerator attachment. The Perfaerator can cover up to a remarkable 60,000 square feet every hour. An example of a front mounted Power Take-Off powered attachment, the Perfaerator can provide great results in virtually any turf conditions.

Alongside the mower manufacturers themselves, aftermarket innovators in the field, such as Country Zero Turn and Zrator, have recognized the unique challenges posed by the turning capabilities of zero turn mowers. Their unique front mount aerators push from above, meaning there is no need for cumbersome weights to get any depth. JRCO manufacture the Hooker aerator, which alongside the company's other innovative attachments, fits easily to their JRCO mount bar. Aftermarket attachment producers such as these have recognised the market for ZTR mower users wishing to extend the variety of tasks which their machine can tackle.





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