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Zero Turn Mower Baggers

19412759_sThe most popular zero turn attachment is a bagger. A bagger can take care of one of the most laborious gardening tasks, namely grass collection. While at heart this attachment allows the user to collect grass clippings, there are a few things to bear in mind. At a basic level there are a couple of different bagger options, namely powered or unpowered. A powered bagger features a belt which drives grass into the bag.

Baggers aimed at the commercial market also often have a lever to enable dumping grass from the seat. Dixie Chopper, for example, offer a bagger with a stainless steel hopper that can be unloaded from the seat without the operator having to get up. The company also offers a less expensive option which needs the user to empty the bags by hand. Not as easy as the lever version, but perfectly adequate for the home user or the commercial user whose primary business is mowing smallish yards.

Kubota are also another manufacturer offering baggers. Many of its premium offerings come with a grass catcher as standard. Its 2013 GR1600 model, for example, has the innovative Glide Cut direct collection system as well as an easy-dump grass collector for the ultimate in user productivity.

Baggers can also come with two or three bins, enabling more grass to be collected.

Caution should be taken with baggers since many are obviously not as robustly constructed at the mower itself. The lids, for example, are often polypropylene or polyethylene plastic rather than metal. This won't pose a problem if the user is cutting in wide open spaces with few obstacles. Where it would be a problem is places where there are branches or fences which might accidentally come into contact with the bagger. It doesn't take much contact to crack the lid, so take extra care.

Caution should also be taken when using the bagger for the first few times as it extends the rear of the mower by a decent amount. It's all too easy to "swing" the rear of the zero turn mower (and the prized new bagger) into a fence.

Damp grass can often cause issues. A problem area in this regard is often the tube between the mower and collection bags.

A zero turn mower grass catcher really can extend the utility of your mower.

Alternatively some users find that by fitting gator blades they no longer need a bagger. Gator blades cut the grass much finer and smaller than normal blades, meaning it breaks down a lot quicker. Gator blades can be a relatively inexpensive alternative to a bagger for a lawn that is mowed often and kept short.

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