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Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

22449527_sKubota brought their vast experience in the field of tractor design and production into the zero turn radius mower market when it Formed Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) in 1988. Kubota had an ideal knowledge base with which to enter this marketplace. It had decades of experience producing compact, durable tractors ideally suited for smaller Japanese farms.

KMA produces a range of zero turn mowers, parts and accessories which have garnered rave reviews from industry pros and residential users alike. About half of all Kubota equipment is made in it's giant manufacturing space in Gainesville, Georgia. It is a very important local employer, with around 1000 local employees at any one time. Kubota mowers are immediately identifiable by their striking orange color.

Another thing in Kubota's favour is that they have built up a reputation for making majority of the components in their mowers themselves. This has some implications for cost. On the other hand it has boosted Kubota's reputation for reliability, durability and eased the finding of replacement parts due to Kubota's almost full control of the supply chain.

Kubota has long had a focus on creating zero turn mowers for the commercial operator. A mixture of high output yet fuel economical diesel engines, durability, reliability and time saving (and productivity boosting) features such as the "Glidecut" cut and collect system have endeared the Kubota range to the commercial user. Kubota has also increasingly attracted the interest of the residential user looking to invest hard earned money into a product that will last.

Other premium features aimed squarely at improving user comfort and productivity included the so called "Quick Clean System" which means that even wet grass can be cleared without the operator even leaving their seat.

There are models to suit every need in the Kubota range, from the GZD15 with a 42 inch deck, 15HP Kubota diesel engine and 400 litre collector to the monster 26HP ZD326. Maintenance of the ZD326 is also facilitated by a lift system allowing easy access to key areas without heavy lifting. Features such as this lift system enable quick, easy maintenance checks in the field which is of course vital for the commercial landscaper.

Kubota has also has built a reputation for after-sales help. New owners of Kubota ZTR mowers and other equipment are entitled to become a valued member of the Kubota Owners Club. For the new operator membership opens the door to a wealth of knowledge from experienced owners via Kubota's online services as well as entitling them to invitations to trade shows and dealership open days.

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