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Walker Zero Turn Mowers

13295100_sThe Walker Manufacturing Company, founded by the late Wesley "Max" Walker, has been involved in riding mower production since 1980. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and owned by brothers Dean and Bob Walker, Walker Manufacturing is proud to be a family-owned American business in an era when many manufacturers are not. Recent years have seen the company focus on producing its range of award winning zero-turn-radius lawn mowers. By 2008 Walker had produced more than 100,000 mowers. Such is the demand for Walker mowers, the company has 1,100 dealers spread out across the globe to both sell their machines and provide aftermarket support such as servicing.

Today Walker produces zero-turn-radius mowers to suit every need. Some of its models include an integrated Grass Handling System (Walker calls these GHS models). The models with the handy GHS system are the MC 20-HP, MD Diesel, MS 14-HP, MT 23-HP, MT 26-HP, EFI MTL and the 31-HP EFI.

Walker also offers a competitively price range of mowers which do not come with the GHS system, namely the MBS 27-HP, MBS 29-HP, MBSY Diesel, MBK 18-HP and the MBV 18-HP. These models are identical in many ways to the integrated GHS mowers, but lack the ability to catch grass.

Walker stole an march over many of its rivals with its early introduction of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) in the late 1990s. Electronic Fuel Injection is the use of  electronic controls to regulate the flow of fuel in a combustion engine. These advanced controls take into account a number of factors, such as the temperature of the engine and available oxygen levels. This high-tech regulation results in a cleaner and more efficient way to produce power. EFI is not a new concept, having been widely used in cars since the 1980s. Walker first used EFI in the late 1990s, giving its mowers better fuel efficiency and also improved environmentally friendliness. Walkers first EFI zero turn mowers rolled of the production line in the late 1990s. Since then Walker have made more than 20,000 EFI zero turn mowers. Familiarity with EFI means that most Walker dealers have specially trained EFI technicians who are ready to service or repair the models equipped with this engine technology.

What does EFI mean for someone looking to buy a Walker commercial ZTR mower? The biggest difference is undoubtedly fuel economy. Tests show that EFI engines consume an average of 25% less fuel than equivalent carburettor engines. Walker estimate that the commercial landscaper running for an average of 600 hours a year might save $780 on fuel. After five years usage the EFI equipped mower would save around $3900 in fuel. This figure is for fuel only too, it does not take into account savings made on other things, such as carburettor maintenance.

In terms of environmentally friendliness EFI compares extremely well to other alternative fuels. When compared to propane, for example,  an EFI engine will produce less than half the CO2 emissions to do the same amount of work. A propane engine requires more fuel to do the same job than an EFI equipped engine. The environmental friendliness of an EFI mower is a great point to make for commercial operators marketing their services. A landscaping company with demonstrable "green credentials" might well have a competitive edge over it's rivals when bidding for contracts.

Today Walker offers four EFI engine choices including one with liquid coolant (like a car): The MT26, MBK23, MTL31 and MBS29.

Walker offers a range of attachments to extend the usefulness of their range of mowers.  Such attachments mean the ZTR mower can turn its hand to a variety of arduous, back-breaking tasks. For the winter there is a 36" snow blower or a more advanced two stage snow blower. Clearing up in the fall can be eased with the addition of a rotary broom or debris blower attachment. Loader bucket and dozer blades are also available. Lawns can also be improved with the use of Walker's blade edger, boom sprayer or dehatcher implements. To protect the operator from the elements a soft cab is available too. The soft cab is ideal when operating in winter conditions, for example, when using the snow blower or clearing snow with the dozer blade.

There is a vast network of Walker dealers available for servicing and spare parts. These dealers are also able to offer new and used Walker zero turn mowers suitable for every budget and to meet every need.

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