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Zero Turn Mower Storage Concerns

15712703_sBefore buying a zero turn mower it is useful to consider how it will be stored.

Size is one consideration. Such a machine can be very bulky, particularly in comparison to some smaller riding mower. They are often an awful lot wider than traditional riding mowers or lawn tractors. A front mount mower is often a lot bigger than the more compact mid-mount type. Perhaps the space available to store the mower will play a part when deciding on which model to buy. Although it is possible to find dimensions online, perhaps a trip to a dealer might be a good idea just to get a visual impression of the storage size needed, and which type (mid or front mount) would be more suitable for the space available.

Safety from theft/vandalism is also a potential concern. A ZTR mower is a huge investment, whether it be for a residential or a commercial user. Loss of a mower (or indeed in some cases a fleet of mowers) from theft can be crippling to a fledgling business who cannot afford to be without their machines while a replacement is sourced. It goes without saying that the potential buyer will want to ensure that they have extremely secure storage available before making their purchase.

Some owners employ relatively inexpensive low-tech prevention measures such as taking out the main fuse, installing dummy security cameras or chaining tires. Others invest in more high-tech solutions such as well hidden GPS tracking devices. Sellers of effective GPS trackers will supply you with recovery rates to better estimate whether buying one is worth it or not. There are also other devices that can be installed which will send the user a text message, email or voice message when it senses that a piece of equipment has been moved. Tattletale is a great example of a company providing such a system. Perhaps the best security measure of all though is the old saying out of site out of mind.

Some owners of expensive construction equipment employ measures such as fitting a hidden fuel cut off or electrical cut off switch. Some owners of zero turn lawn mowers have employed similar measures although it is not a task for the inexperienced.

Another relatively low-tech alternative is to sink an "anchor point" into the floor in the place where the mower will be stored. The zero turn mower can then be secured to this point by use of a sturdy chain and lock.

It is vital to check with your insurance provider that your prized possession is covered, and also that the security measures you have taken are appropriate to meet the terms of the insurance policy. It is common for mowers to be covered under normal homeowner insurance but this must never be assumed. Many policies available from many popular providers state that as long as it's not required to be registered with the DMV then it won't need its own policy.

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